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Attention teams and players! Our upcoming league will officially begin once we have reached 1,000 registered teams

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be involved in the action and compete for a chance to take home part of the $4 million in prize money!


Our vision is to establish a nationwide, year-round competitive Team Disc Golf League, captivating both amateur and professional players through unparalleled award offerings. We aspire to cultivate excitement and entertainment for all participants, setting a new standard in Disc Golf excellence while uniting 10,000 players across the country in a spirited competition for a $1 million award. Join us in the pursuit of communal Disc Golf greatness!


With prize support in the millions, there's an abundance to share! Our league comprises up to 1,000 teams, each with 10 players, engaging in weekly head-to-head matches within their respective 10-team Divisions

**You will only play the 10 teams within your division for the entire series until divisional playoff time, no long distance or state to state travel to compete until finals in North Carolina**

Teams are organized geographically into regions. Numerous teams from each league will vie for qualification to participate in a year-end elimination-style event, competing for a grand prize of $1 million!